The Burrito Truck Emeryville Logo

The bright red/orange caught the corner of my eye while driving down San Pablo Avenue in Emeryville. As I walked up, I realized that the name and the truck looked super familiar. It took a moment and I realized that it used to be stationed at a gas station on San Pablo Avenue in North Oakland. The Burrito Truck had been recommended to me, but like food trucks do sometimes, it had mysteriously disappeared from its previous location.

The Burito Truck – Emeryville
The Burrito Truck Emeryville Menu

Although the name is The Burrito Truck, as you could guess, I was there for the tacos. On this trip, I got 5 tacos in total: one asada, one chorizo, one chicken, one suadero, and one carnitas. Of the 5, I felt that the chicken and suadero were the best. The chicken was nice and juicy with a subtle sear, while the suadero was super tender and flavorful. I was not as impressed with the chorizo taco. I was expecting a little more heat. With that said, all of the tacos were well prepared and fresh off the griddle. They come served with jalapenos, radish, pickled carrots, and a lime wedge. The food did seem to come out at a pretty smooth pace.

I arrived there just before the lunch rush. There are several warehouses and office buildings within walking distance, so by the time I left there was a steady stream of customers. There are a few small colorful stools near the truck for people to sit outside and enjoy their food. Otherwise, there is no seating.

The Burrito Truck Emeryville

Overall this is a really solid truck. The fillings were super flavorful. The truck is parked right along the Emeryville greenway so you could ride your bike over if you’re in the neighborhood. The truck also accepts debit/credit, which is nice. This seems like a great spot to get your taco (or burrito) fix if you work in the area.

It looks like The Burrito Truck is primarily a Monday – Friday taco spot. They are parked across from 1255 67th Ave from 10 am – 4 pm Monday through Friday.