I came across this video after checking out one of my favorite youtube shows Hot Ones.  Food Grails hosted by Miss Info, puts the spotlight on some underground trends in the food world. I was especially interested in this episode for obvious reasons.

“In episode 1, Miss Info meets a group of young, charismatic African-American entrepreneurs from Watts, South L.A, and Compton who are shaking up the taco scene, finding new meaning in L.A.’s iconic street food. Find out how upstarts like All Flavor No Grease and Taco Mell are making a name for themselves, and why rapper Casey Veggies says, “The food game turned into the rap game.”

This is a super interesting trend in L.A.’s food culture. All across the country, people celebrate the weekly tradition of Taco Tuesday. It only seems natural as tacos are not only a part of Mexican culture, they have become a part of American culture as well.