Moveable feasts put on their 6th annual taco festival of innovation. The festival featured over 20 food trucks all serving everyone’s favorite food, TACOS!! There were Indian tacos, Korean tacos, ice cream tacos and a dozen versions including standard Mexican fare. The festival was held at  History Park in San Jose. The ticket cost for presale was $10 general admission or $35 for and unlimited craft beer tasting pass.

As is the key to most things in life, to have the most enjoyable experience you need to get there early. So, that is exactly what I did. Early in the festival, the lines were pretty short. I sampled one taco from this truck and another from this truck and had a pretty good time bouncing around. I enjoyed some Lucha Libre wrestling, sampled some hot sauce things were pretty great. In all honesty, there were some AWESOME tacos to be eaten at this event.

Overall I was really impressed with this event. The location was amazing. There was plenty of spots to sit in the grass to sit as well plenty of tables and paint buckets to rest and enjoy taco goodness. Lucha Libre wrestling performances were terrific for families to enjoy, and for those in a dancing mood. there was a stage with live music.  But I digress, let taco bout the tacos.

A couple of the standouts included a lobster taco from the We Sushi truck. The tortilla was crisped making it more of a tostada. The crunch of the tostada and the softness of the lobster made this a homerun.  Other standouts were the chipotle honey taco from the game day truck, the Conchita pibil taco from /taco Moz. However, the taco that drew the longest line throughout the day was the fried cheese taco. Fried cheese taco? YES! Fried cheese tacos.  And I have to say they did not disappoint. The tacos were served on a flour tortilla a fired layer of cheese encased your choice of filling (Asada, chicken, carnitas) and topped with avocado cilantro and crema.


It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood. I personally could wander around and eat tacos all day everyday. The were some awesome local vendors. Shoutout Hella Hot Hot Sauce. (i have regained feeling in my tounge) The people hosting as well as the event goers were super friendly and fun to talk with. What else would you expect? All I’m saying is, Tacos make people happy. Can’t wait to check out this festival again next year.