Who likes a good meme? More importantly who likes tacos?  Let me save you some time and answer both of them for you. EVERYBODY!!! So it’s a no-brainer that when meme and taco meet special things happen. Here is our list of 17 essential taco memes.

17. One moment you’re having the time of your life. 4 Asada tacos on your plate and horchata in arms reach…… then BOOM. You ate them all 🙁 Straight out of tacos.


16. The only thing better than tacos, FREE tacos. Someone needs to get a word into Oprah to turn this dream into reality.


15. This is what happens when you let your heart speak. Poetry in its truest form.


14. It’s always an awkward conversation when you have to explain that you weren’t being nice and ordering food for everyone. You are really about that taco life.


13. Not too much to say. this one hit a little close to home.


12.  #truth And if there is anybody that loves me out there. 2 asada 2 chorizo and salsa roja please. (Thought I’d just ut that out in the universe.)

11. That moment when you’re arguing with someone and they say that magic word and you instantly forget what you were talking about.




10. The best part is they I didn’t have to say it.


9. When you’re at work playing minesweeper, wishing you could get tacos in your email rather than office memos.


8. #realtalk If there was no other reason to save the planet. This is the one.


7. When someone mentions Taco Tuesday but they don’t know you’ve been about that taco life.



6. Sometimes you and the taquero are not on the same page. Sometimes its them and other times its 2am after the club.


5. Seriously I will find them and I will eat them.


4. Let’s be honest, clothes seem to shrink after Taco Tuesday.


3. I wish this level of happiness for everyone,

2. The struggle is real. Everything in moderation, including moderation.

1. This one speaks for its self. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is results.

That’s our list of the 17 essential taco memes. How did you like the list? Did we miss one? Let us know by comment below.