Elvia’s Sazon serves up Tacos with a side of love


As I am a writer for a taco focused blog, you would probably guess that I have seen my fair share of tacos. I’ve seen tacos overloaded with fillings, dripping with cheese. Then there are the tacos with unique fillings like mac and cheese or turkey and gravy. One day, while perusing Instagram, I came upon a plate of tacos with a beautiful purple back drop. Nothing unusual, but a picture that immediately made me think: “I want to eat that.” I checked out the profile and it was from a place I was not familiar with – Elvia’s Sazon in Richmond, California. Being from the Richmond area, I thought I knew all the spots to go. Oh, was I wrong.

@elviassazon on IG

And just like that, I was on another taco adventure…


This past Sunday I took a trip out to the Richmond Flea Market to find the taquero responsible for those tacos. (Note: The Richmond Flea Market runs from 7am -4pm Saturdays and Sundays – and you will find a couple hundred vendors selling pretty much anything you can think of.) Nestled in the middle of the market is where I find Elvia’s Sazon under a red-roofed canopy next to tables draped with purple tablecloths.


On this trip I got two steak tacos and two chicken tacos. Both of them were outstanding!  The tacos came with the expected accouterments: green onions, cilantro, and salsa. The salsa roja accentuated the flavors of the filling while balancing the textures of the taco. The addition of grilled onions on the side (which more taqueros need to do), definitely took everything up a notch. It added a sweet element to the taco that I really, really liked.

Other items on the menu include enchiladas and tacos dorados. I also sampled their aguas frescas and I was absolutely blown away. To describe the horchata in a word: addictive. The pineapple aguas frescas was unbelievable.

While ordering, it took no time to understand that this is a family affair. I had the opportunity to speak Elvia during my visit and she explained how her business came to be.


“They (her family) are the reason I still cook” Elvia explains.


Elvia came out of retirement to revive her business at the urging of her children. She agreed to restart her business under one condition: that they would help too. That is exactly what’s happening: three generations working hard to bring everything together. Elvia, her daughters, son-in law, and grandchildren are all pitching in to do their part.


During our conversation I asked if I could take a picture of her – she agreed, as long as I took a picture of the whole family.


At the time of this article the revival of Elvia’s Sazon, is less than 2 months in. And with a a few good tacos and a lot of love they I predict the are do really well. They are located at the Richmond Flea Market 716 W Gerrude Ave, Richmond California 94801 on Sundays 9:30am-4pm. I am not a demanding person, but I strongly suggest you check out this East Bay gem.