It’s National Taco Day!!!! As a certified tacophile, I thought this would be a good opportunity to put the spotlight on some of the people spreading taco love all year. I have chosen some of my favorite profiles that keep tacos front and center. I hope you find some new taco pages to enjoy. You can check out Comeeda’s instagram page HERE

 #1 @tacosandjokes

Meme page sharing all kinds of taco-focused pics and comedy.

#2 @pizzavstacos

In my opinion there is no debate here. TACOS > Pizza everyday, ALL DAY. In any case, this is still a fun page that shares some pizza and taco love.

#3 @drinkinbrostacos

Very active profile with hilarious taco-centric memes and some great pics of tacos. Follow if you’d like to support taco awareness.

#4 @tomeatingtacos

This page is about a guy named Tom who really likes tacos. He is making his way around SoCal one taco at a time. Each post is made up of 3 parts: 1. where he is, 2. rating of the tacos eaten, and 3. how long it took to eat.

#5 @tacosinla

Los Angeles is a great place for taco hunting. This taco connoisseur uses their page to share the journey.

#6 @dailytacochallenge

A taco a day keeps the hunger away. Eating a taco every day since Feb ’17.

#7 @trailsandtacos

What’s better than tacos after a nice hike?  Tacos before a hike, and tacos during a hike.

#8 @sb_tacos_

Instatacos from the Santa Barbara area.

#9 @taquitosmx

Mexico-based taocgram account showcasing authentic Mexican tacos.

 #10 @tacosoftexas

Taco journalists eating their way through the Texas taco scene. Authors of Austin Breakfast Tacos. Get it HERE

#11 @tacosnbikinis

Miami sisters showcasing bikinis, tacos, and the South Beach lifestyle.

#12 @tacoshapedheart

I like to believe we all have taco shaped hearts. Mine is carnitas btw.

#13 @tacosinsf

Traveling through San Francisco and eating all the tacos.

#14 @letstacoboutit_chi

Documenting the tacos of Chicago (and suburbs).

 #15 @letstacoboutitpgh

Tacogram featuring tacos from Pittsburgh, PA.

#16 @talkinthetacos

San Antonio tacos never looked so good.


#17 @tacotuesdaytourcle

 Didn’t realize Cleveland tacos were a thing. I must investigate further. Weekly taco tours of Cleveland, OH.


#18 @girlstalktacos

As a bit of a taco stalker myself, I can appreciate this page.


#19 @tacoboutitnyc

NYC is an underrated taco town. This page will show you why.


#20 @tacodong

Tacos tacos tacos everyday. Tacocentric page showcasing everyone’s favorite food.

#21 @taco.gang

Bang Bang Taco Gang. Spreading taco love across the internet.

#22 @taconationofficial

Creators of out of San Antonio, TX.

#23 @tacogear

If you need some taco inspired fashion, this should be your first stop.

 #24  @tacosallthetime

This page likes tacos all the time, tacos all the time, tacos all the time.




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