“Basket Tacos” or Tacos de Canasta are steamed tacos. Soft and moist, with fillings such as chicharrón, mole verde, potato, refried beans, shredded chicken, and carnero en adobo (spicy mutton/sheep).

“Basket Tacos were invented in the mining areas of Hidalgo and Guanajuato, which is why they were known as Miners’ Tacos”

There are many names for this style of taco. They’re sometimes called tacos sudados—“sweated tacos” Not long ago they were also known as tacos de albanil or “construction worker tacos. The “basket taco” get their name from the baskets vendors and workers carry them in to keep them warm.

What distinguishes these tacos is their preparation which allows them to be kept warm for hours.The process of marinating in the basket, helps its flavors and sauces fuse with the tortilla and give it its characteristic color. The tacos are prepared little by little and they are put inside the basket forming layers of different tacos. Oil is heated and put to the first layer of tacos with a little powder chili pepper to give them a little bit of color and flavor.The blocks are placed layer by layer, repeating the process until filling the basket, to finally cover it again with cloths and aluminum. This process causes the tacos to finish cooking and marinate in their own flavor.

Their ultra-portability allows vendors to get creative as well. In Mexico City you will see vendors on bikes, carts and brick and mortar establishments serving tacos out baskets.  These tacos are usually enjoyed in mornings and and lunch and can be harder to find thin evening hours.