As I write, the weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer. Festival season is beginning to take shape. When it comes to festivals, there really is something for everyone.There are festivals centered around genres of music such as the Monterey Jazz Festival. There are festivals centered around beer like Oktoberfest, festivals surrounding fictional characters, frogs, movies, and the list goes on.  As America’s love affair with tacos continues to intensify, festivals around the country have started popping up centered around this amazing food. These taco festivals span the entire country: some gathering a few stands, and in some cases, dozens of food trucks, stands, restaurants, & chefs. 

This year’s festivals are as diverse as the interpretations of the dish that inspires them. For example, the TACO LIBRE in Austin, Texas features Lucha Libre wrestling in addition to the dozens of restaurants on hand serving tacos. CHACHOS TACO FESTIVAL in San Jose, California features a taco eating contest. It is the site in 2015 where Matt Stonie set the record for tacos eaten in 8 minutes at 103. YES! 103 in 8 minutes. There is video evidence HERE.

Chihuahua love abounds this year. As is well documented, tacos & Chihuahuas have gone together hand-in-hand since the mid 1990s. This year features Chihuahua racing at the PORTLAND TACO FESTIVAL, and Chihuahua beauty pageants at the ARIZONA TACO FESTIVAL and the SAN DIEGO TACO FEST. Live music is also abundant at nearly all taco festivals featured this year. There are national, local bands/ artists, mariachi, and more. 

There really is something for everyone. Below is our list of TACO FESTIVALS for 2017: