Writer Anna Orso originally wanted to compete in the Philly 10k. Her plan was to obtain a bib last minute if someone dropped out. That didn’t happen. However, That’s when a stroke of pure genius hit her.

“I mapped out the official course and found a whole bunch of taco joints that were either directly on the route, or just a block or two off of it. Wednesday morning, I put on my stretchiest pants and my loosest tank top and started my own version of the Philly 10K — one in which I vowed to walk the entire 6.2 miles and stop to eat a taco at every single Mexican spot I came across along the way.”

Orso observed the time honored tradition of eating tacos rather than exercising. It is documented common knowledge that the next best thing to running a 10k is eating tacos. In fact, the next best thing to almost anything is to eat tacos. Altogether she ate 14 tacos in about 5 hours. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

You can read about her entire journey by clicking below

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