#1 Mi Grullense #2- Shrimp
1301 30th Ave (Goodwill Parking lot) Oakland, CA

If you didn’t notice the 2 yellow trucks parked in the Goodwill parking lot on 30th and International, don’t worry. They have been there since the 80s and I imagine they will be there for years to come. Their shrimp tacos make our list this month simply because they are delicious. It really doesn’t get more technical than that. Two corn tortillas loaded with fresh shrimp, diced tomatoes, cilantro, and lime. All around great taco.

*Pro Tip: Eat 2 tacos, thrift, then eat more tacos.


#2 Tacos El Gordo — Pastor
4201 International Blvd Oakland, CA

There are constantly debates (often ones that we start) about what which trucks are the best in Oakland. Tacos El Gordo is one of those trucks that consistently finds its way into that conversation. Well earned reputation for great tacos. If you haven’t had the pastor tacos here you are certainly missing out.



#3 Tacos Mi Rancho — Asada
1434 1st Ave Oakland, CA

Tacos Mi Rancho on the east side of the Lake Merritt rounds out our list this month.  At most times of the day, you’ll see a line congregating around their forest green truck. They make our list this month for their asada taco. Consistently great tacos from experienced taco masters. Take an afternoon stroll around the lake and treat yourself to some fantastic tacos. They are also open late for those late night taco cravings. 


Like the list? Did we miss your favorite spot? Let’s taco bout it. Comment below.

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